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FAQ - Onewheel GT / Onewheel XR / Onewheel Pint X / Onewheel Pint Read more Show less

Onewheel Pint

The Onewheel Pint will be offered in three different colors - SLATE, SAND and SAGE - with the SAGE color only being available for the first production run. Once the color is sold out, there will only be SLATE and SAND as a color combination. So, if you prefer the pint in SAGE, there is no way to avoid pre-ordering.

The Onewheel Pint is stated to have a maximum range of 9 km to 13 km, with a charging time of about 2 hours with the included charging cable. Optionally you can order the Pint Ultracharger. This will reduce your charging time to approximately 50 minutes.

The Onewheel Pint offers a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

The low weight of 10.5 kg suggests that the Onewheel Pint has been made smaller and thus a bit more manageable. With just under 2 kg weight savings and the integrated carrying handle, the Pint is lighter and thus a lot more handy.

Who is the Onewheel Pint suitable for?
The Pint is designed for urban use. Short distances through the city, to the university, to the office or simply to the nearest bakery and back can be easily mastered by the Pint. Due to the reduced weight and the smaller dimensions, the Onewheel Pint accompanies you easily to the lecture hall or to the workplace and is quickly and easily stowed away.

Test, test drive and purchase
If you are interested in such an electronic unicycle, you can visit our Düsseldorf showroom and put the Onewheel through its paces. Our expert staff will assist you with words and deeds and help you with the first meters on the Onewheel. Otherwise, you can of course order it via our online store and we will deliver your Onewheel GT, Onewheel+XR, Onewheel Pint X or Onewheel Pint conveniently to your home.

Features & Tech-Facts
Color combination: Slate / Sand / Sage
Range: 9 to 13 km
Charging time: approx. 2h | with the Pint Ultracharger: approx. 50 min
Weight: 10,5 kg
Top speed: 25 km/h
Price: Slate / Sand: 1174,90 € | Sage: 1249,90 €
Motor: 750 W Hypercore® hub motor
Battery: NMC
Sensors: Solid state MEMS 6-DOF
Tires: 10.5 inch x 4.5-6 inch unicycle
Maximum tilt angle:> 30 degrees

The Onewheel+ XR Board

Now available at Warehouse One - the boardstore you trust!

We at Warehouse One are always curious about what's new in the fun sports sector.

So it's no wonder that we didn't take long to test something completely new, which hasn't been on the market in Germany for long: Onewheel+ XR by Future Motion..

And we can say quite clearly: this is an electric unicycle of a very special kind! ;-) We are enthusiastic about this "electric board"!

There are almost no words for a proper description. But we have tried it anyway: The Onewheel is not a skateboard, the Onewheel is not comparable to a hoverboard, it just something completely different, because riding it is pure surf and snow feeling! And at the same time you feel a bit like "back to future" when you see it or stand on it.

Here we have compiled some FAQs about the Onewheel+ XR for you:

How far can I go with the Onewheel on one battery charge?
Answer: The range according to the manufacturer is about 19-20km for the Onewheel+ XR. This depends, among other things, on the speed and the slope on the route. In some tests, we could even beat the manufacturer's specification by about 1km, depending on the model, with one battery charge!

What is the maximum speed of the Onewheel?
Answer: The maximum speed according to manufacturer specifications for the Onewheel+ XR is about 30km/h. However, this depends on the selected driving mode. For example, the maximum speed can be throttled to "only" 15 km/h in beginner mode.

Can the Onewheel be used on public roads?
Answer: No, not yet! The Onewheel cannot be classified as a registered vehicle: For electric unicycles, electric longboards, hoverboards and e-scooters, there is currently no vehicle class, so the basis for driving on public roads is missing. There is to be a new vehicle class of mini electric vehicles from 2019. It is not yet clear whether the Onewheel can also be driven legally as a mini electric vehicle in the short term.

You can see the current status on the legislative process here: www.elektrokleinstfahrzeuge-verordnung.de. The Electric Mini Vehicle Ordinance (eKFV) will define the technical requirements for electric mini vehicles once it comes into force.

How long does it have to be charged?
Antwort:Answer: The charging time for the Onewheel+ XR is approximately 100 minutes.

Can or do I have to adjust or configure the Onewheel?
Antwort:Answer: You can ride the Onewheel at any time without further configuration or settings, but you can get some info about the board or make basic settings via your smartphone.

What can I do with the free Onewheel app?
Answer: With the app, you can, for example, check the charge status of the battery and set different driving modes. For example, there is a mode for beginners, a park mode and a mode for advanced riders.

Where is the Onewheel made?
Answer: The Onewheel is "Made in America" - designed and produced in California.

Since when is the Onewheel available in Germany?
Answer: The board was launched in Germany in May 2016.

How does that work with the balancing?
Do I have to keep the balance myself or does an electronic system do it?
Answer: The balancing is done by electronic sensors and finely tuned algorithms. These ensure that the board is balanced and can be ridden hands-free, at least as far as balancing in the direction of travel is concerned. However, since it is a real sports device despite the motor, the rider must of course keep the balance forwards and backwards himself, because the board is steered by shifting the body's center of gravity, similar to many other board sports. So the board has a kind of "dynamic stabilization": the rider just has to shift his weight forward to move forward and use his heels or toes to steer the board.

Does it have lighting?
Answer: The Onewheel has intelligent LED lights on the front and back of the board. These LEDs show the way at night and change their function or color as soon as the rider changes direction.

What kind of tires does the Onewheel have?
Answer: The board has a racing tire. The only tire on the board is an Italian go-kart slick, which is modeled after the tires used in Formula 1.

Where is the engine of the Onewheel located?
Answer: the motor is located in the rim of the tire and can provide up to 2hp of power. So it's an incredible technology!

I can ride a skateboard - can I ride the Onewheel directly?
Answer: The Onewheel is not a skateboard (it lacks three more wheels! ;-) ), so the riding technique is a bit different. But if you are a boarder, no matter if you are a skateboarder, snowboarder, kitesurfer or surfer, it will be easy for you to start with the Onewheel. And even if you are not yet a boarder and this is your introduction to the board sport, you will certainly get along with it quickly.

Do I have to wear protectors when I ride Onewheel?
Answer: We and the manufacturer Future Motion strongly recommend wearing a helmet and other protective clothing (hand, knee, elbow protectors from the skate area)!

What are the technical developments in the Onewheel+ XR?
- New Hypercore motor technology: more power, more speed and torque. So you drive over (almost) any obstacle.
- Sure Stance: The footpads now have a slight uplift at the nose and tail (similar to a wedge). This makes riding even more comfortable, safe and controlled.
- Digital Shaping 2.0: offers you a wide selection of "digital shapings", so you can adjust your Onewheel to your riding needs.

Is the board available in stock?
Answer: We always try to have Onewheel boards available, but beware: stock is tight and in high demand! Call us to check availability!
If you are interested, we strongly advise you to pre-order in writing. Pre-order now to secure one of the boards from our next delivery date! You can contact our Onewheel expert Mike via email: mike@warehouse-one.de

Can I buy the Onewheel online or order it through your online store?
Answer: We are your authorized Onewheel store and you can easily place your order through our online store or come by our Düsseldorf showroom and test the Onewheel before buying.

The original idea for the Onewheel was launched and realized via the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter in January 2014 and was already a success there (Click here to go to the Kickstarter project). Onewheel by Future Motion, the brand new electric board, won the ISPO BrandNew Award in the category "Wheeler". The most innovative new products from the sports industry are awarded the prestigious title every year. But that alone is not enough for us, of course. We tested it ourselves and are thrilled! Within a very short time (some really only need a few minutes) you can get going with the Onewheel and with a little practice you very quickly get the typical "boarder feeling" and you think you are boarding in deep snow. And that in almost any terrain, whether on the road, on meadows, on the beach or a forest path - the Onewheel is extremely robust and makes (almost) everything with! Much more than you would expect from a skateboard, for example. By the way: the Onewheel from Future Motion is actually written together, so it is not called "One Wheel", but "Onewheel".

"Onewheel represents a new era in board sports, which has been stagnant and rather dismissive of new technology for years," comments founder and CEO Kyle Doerksen. "The first thing you notice when you get on Onewheel is that on one hand it feels completely familiar, but on the other hand it's something completely new. Totally different than anything you've tried before. Our technology makes it much easier than a traditional skateboard. You can use it on, or even off the road. In terms of cornering, it feels like being on a snowboard or surfboard. Our riders are trying out completely new terrain and trying tricks that you would never have thought were even possible on a board. We're very excited to see where this will go."

Inspired by the feeling of boarding on fresh powder, Onewheel gives riders a whole new and exceptionally flowy riding experience, whether on the street or off-road. Onewheel combines innovative drive technology with a sophisticated balance control system. The result is the first digital board. The announcement of the BrandNew award for Onewheel by ISPO is tantamount to the accolade of the most exceptional and innovative new product in the boardsports sector.

The initial idea for this board and the first tests were originally realized via a Kickstarter campaign and now the board is also available for everyone in Germany. However, the Onewheel is only available at a few selected retailers in Germany. If you don't live near Berlin or Hamburg, we are probably your closest Onewheel dealer. You come from the Rhineland, the Ruhr area, Cologne, Essen, Duisburg, Frankfurt or nearby? Then we are not far away from you! So come to the Warehouse One test center in Düsseldorf and try it out - Ride Onewheel! You will be fascinated. By the way, we strongly recommend wearing appropriate protective gear when riding the Onewheel, so always wear a helmet and other protectors (knee, wrist and elbow pads) - because safety first! Order Onewheel online? You can get the Onewheel from us as an authorized dealer on site or by phone order. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the easiest way to buy a Onewheel!

Our staff at the Test Center & Showroom will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this product.
by e-mail (info@warehouse-one.de) or
by phone under 0211-749637-22 or -23 (Mon-Fri from 11 am to 6 pm).
For information about the opening hours of our test center and showroom click here.

Watch a video of the Onewheel here to get a first impression.

You can also find more info as well as videos and tips about the Onewheel here: www.RideOnewheel.com

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